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With your children growing up way too fast, you want to make your house the place they want to be—except, they’re messy and rambunctious at times, so you might not want them inside all the time. It’s time to make your backyard the go-to evening and weekend hangout spot.

Aspen Outdoor Designs Services and Features for the Good Parents to Consider:

Take the plunge and make a splash with a family-friendly swimming pool that’s fun for all ages. Don’t forget water features such as a waterslide, bubblers, deck jets, and spa with spillover!

Surround and complement the pool area with plenty of seating options across a patio, deck, or structure. They’ll become the perfect places for your children to play—and they may not even mind hanging out and spending more time with their parents there, too.

Create an outdoor kitchen well-stocked with snacks and drinks. It’ll also serve as a perfect place for you to keep an eye on the kids while preparing the evening’s dinner.

After dinner, illuminate your family’s outdoor game night or movie marathon (don’t forget the weather-resistant TV) with the flick of a switch on outdoor lighting solutions. Showcase your outdoor space and enjoy it as a family all hours while adding safety and security in a well-lit location.

At day’s end, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace makes for a fantastic, calming family gathering place where even more memories will be made.

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