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You simply can’t be contained or constrained by one sense of style or design parameters. Friends or family might call your tastes diverse or eclectic, and you aren’t afraid to make bold choices that could push the envelope in terms of traditionally contrasting styles, mixing materials, or other unique elements. Like you’re visiting a salad bar, you enjoy mixing and matching as you pick and choose varying looks for the features of your living space.

Aspen Outdoor Designs Services and Features for the All-Inclusive Mix & Matchers to Consider:

Piece together a versatile outdoor living space that incorporates something for everyone—but everything for yourself! From a simple paver patio to expansive wood decks and covered structures, enjoy a custom creation that is uniquely you and meets many needs.

Your eclectic, open-minded personality extends to your taste buds, meaning you’ll need a well-equipped outdoor kitchen that can handle turning up the heat on spicy snacks, globe-spanning entrees, and delicious desserts.

Light up your life and set the mood to match your mindset day or night with outdoor and luxurious landscape lighting.

Complement the nearby modern outdoor kitchen or contemporary living area with a communal fire feature and surrounding seating using natural stone to set itself apart as its own space.

Add beauty and elegance with flowerbeds, gardens, and planting spaces full of lush greenery or colorful blossoms. As the seasons change or your tastes evolve, it’s easy to make adjustments or rotate in new plants whenever you desire.

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