Restful Retreat

With all the amenities of a resort, this retreat-style design lets you get away from it all without going anywhere. 

Restful Retreat

Before and After

This renovation took the home’s backyard from a lovely but under-used suburban plot with little privacy to a luxurious resort-like living space that feels like a private retreat.

Live Your Best Life Outdoors.

Jon gave high praise to the Aspen team for their hardwork on his new backyard retreat. Watch the full video to see the space in use or watch the full time-lapse transformation.

The Challenges

This project had several challenges including achieving symmetry between the design elements and the existing architecture, capitalizing on views from the house while having a private resort feel, and finally, trying to match the scale of the project to the existing architecture.

To achieve symmetry between the design elements and existing architecture, the pool is centered on the main three-story windows of the house while also being centered on the large, detached garage. This symmetry set the tone from a design standpoint for the entire project. On one axis the large, roofed structure terminates the views from the house. The other axis is terminated on one end by a large two-story garage and on the other end by spruce trees. These axes are reinforced with columns that provide a nice platform for planters.

The Solution

Capitalizing on views from the house while maintaining a private resort feel was challenging because the clients have a pie shape lot with neighbors sharing two property lines and a ton of exposure to the street. Views were preserved by placing the structure opposite of the house and along one side of the pool… thus creating a destination.  Strategically placing design elements and plant material was key to providing privacy to this backyard.

The roofed structure does a great job of matching the scale of the existing architecture by its sheer size, while matching the roof pitch of the house and garage. The overall size of the structure is adequate for housing an outdoor kitchen and bar, fireplace, and lounge area. Blending the structure to the house is a large pool. At either ends of the pool are a sun lounge area with artificial turf and an elevated firepit patio that doubles as a jumping platform. This upper firepit area was a great resolution to the change in elevation from the driveway to the backyard.

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