Whether your patio is a social hub or your private backyard getaway, it deserves more than mere functionality. It deserves paver perfection. It doesn’t matter if you have a cozy backyard or a sprawling garden. Finding and installing the perfect paver patio designs can completely transform your outdoor space.

So grab your favorite beverage, step outside, and let’s embark on a journey of creativity as we discuss some paver patio design ideas you can bring to the table when you meet with one of our licensed landscape architects!


Why Paver Patios?

You may be asking why we’re emphasizing paver patios specifically. Aside from being highly versatile, pavers are much more durable and have a higher resale value than their common counterpart: concrete patios. For more information on the differences between the two options, reference our previous blog detailing why we choose paver patios over concrete.

As a company, we are ICPI certified and have been installing Unilock pavers since 2004. Our training and experience translate to using up-to-date techniques and industry standards when completing projects. Our dedicated hardscape division specializes in installing paver patios, firepits, outdoor kitchens, walls, and low-voltage lighting. These skilled crew members have installed hundreds of paver patios and are prepared to create your perfect patio. 

And what better time than now to revamp your patio space? According to the 2023 Remodeling Impact Report, 85% of people who installed a patio in their outdoor space experienced an increased desire to be home since its completion. 

Choose From a Variety of Colors

In partnering with Unilock, we offer pavers in many different colors to incorporate into your next patio project. From cool to warm tones and everything in between, you can choose from a wide selection to create your perfect match. Using a complementary color scheme ties the exterior of your home to your patio and creates a seamless blend between the two.

Integrating artificial turf into your paver patio intertwines your yard’s natural surroundings with sleek monochromatic colors. It is the perfect combination of hardscape and softscape for your patio. Using these monochromatic colors and styles provides a modern look. 

On the other hand, if you want a patio that stands out, try a contrasting color scheme for your pavers. Choosing differing colors adds dimension and personality to your space and creates a perfect harmony between your home’s exterior, your patio, and the different elements of the surrounding outdoors. Adding differently colored borders to your paver patios combines the colors from your home and surrounding landscapes. 

Vast Selection of Shapes

Pavers come in all different shapes and sizes. Although the most commonly used pavers consist of rectangles, squares, and planks, don’t be afraid to be bold! Unilock offers unique styles that can take your artistic vision to new heights, especially when you mix and match different shapes. 

Types of Pavers to Fit Any Style

As with the varying shapes and sizes, there are also many different styles of pavers. If you prefer something historical, choose one of the styles that gives the look of cobblestone without the years of wear and tear. You can create a traditional look for your patio by incorporating pavers with marbled designs. If your preferred style fits more into the contemporary category, choose from the wide selection of sleek, monochromatic pavers. Geometric styles are also distinct and work well within Art Deco, mid-century modern, or eclectic designs. 

Patterns Galore!

To create show-stopping patterns, incorporate various shapes and sizes of pavers, from rectangles to squares and other irregular forms. Arranging differently shaped pavers in seemingly random order can add depth and interest to an otherwise monotonous space.

What if your style is contemporary? Incorporate clean lines and similar shapes, sizes, and colors of pavers in your pattern. You may also opt for rectangular pavers in a linear pattern that complements the modern style and draws the eyes to its long and elegant lines. 

Another great way to add visual interest to your paver patio is by creating design clusters or small compositions arranged intentionally. Let your imagination run wild! Our designers are skilled in artfully creating the perfect patio design that will seamlessly fit your home and its aesthetic.

Put Your Patio in Action

With an incredible team of designers and hardscape professionals, your perfect paver patio can be designed and installed in a few simple steps. We invite you to continue exploring the possibilities and schedule a consultation to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to your unique needs. Regardless of your vision for your paver patio, our Aspen family can help make your dreams a reality.